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Will you spread the word about #GivingTuesday and take your own actions to give back? Share what inspires you about #GivingTuesday with each other AND across your social networks.  Here you can learn from like-minded peers, gain access exclusive content, submit your own ideas (see below), and share those exciting messages with your community!

We'll send you a handful of emails and activities to share between now and December 3 -- but you decide what feels right for you and where you want to share it! 

It's time to "get out the give" and put "giving" into the giving season. Join us as a Social Media Ambassador today! And grab Toolkits with everything you need here.

Thank you for participating in #GivingTuesday!  Due to an incredible response, we are not able to register any more new partners on our site for 2013, but you can still get involved! If you are an official charity [a 501(c)3 in the U.S.] with a specific #GivingTuesday initiative, or a for-profit business, school, religious or community group committed to spearhead a project benefiting at least one registered charity [a 501(c)3 in the U.S.], then we’d love to have you use our hashtag #GivingTuesday and resources to get out the give this December 3.   

We want to hear about your #GivingTuesday plans and include you on our partner mailings going forward. So please, please email us here!



Share your story with us by Submitting your past, current or future #GivingTuesday moment. 


Write a story of impact to share with the #GivingTuesday Community! SHARE your story with us by submitting your past, current or future #GivingTuesday moments with a strong visual image.

Want to be published on the #GivingTuesday homepage? Just follow these 2 simple steps to better your chances:

1.     SUBMIT IMAGES (Suggested 1-2 image: 1 vertical and 1 horizontal); size at least 480 x 360, or a larger image with a 4:3 aspect ratio.

2.     WRITE A POST (450 words or less) including short description about your organization and your #GivingTuesday story of impact!

Try to include answers to these helpful questions to get you started with your post:

  • Why did you/your organization decide to become a #GivingTuesday partner/social media ambassador? 
  • What are your plans for #GivingTuesday?  
  • What are you doing to get your friends/family/community/customers/fans/members involved in this initiative?
  • Share a story or example of how you are making an impact.

  Thanks for choosing to submit YOUR story and further ignite the giving spirit!


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