Points Overview

How does the points system work?

As you browse the different sections of our site, you’ll see “SHARE" icons next to the featured articles, blog posts, images, tips, and videos.  Clicking "SHARE" allows you to post whatever information you find interesting to your preferred social media channel, whether it's Facebook, Twitter, or the various blogging platforms.  For each piece of content you share with your friends and contacts, you will be awarded points.  

You can also earn points by submitting content, whether it includes an image, video, or just text!

Once you have shared or submitted a piece of information, your points score will be noted in the toolbar at the top of your Home screen to help you keep track.  Earning points is a good thing!  And we'll explain why below.


Why do I want to earn points?

As valued members of the Community.GivingTuesday, you deserve to be recognized for spreading the word about #GivingTuesday and giving back to like-minded individuals.


Here are the specifics!

Share #GivingTuesday created content

  1. Point value for Buzz section: 5
  2. Point value (any content type): 35

Create content for the influencer community

  1. Text Based
    • Approved post that is 100% text
    • Point value: 10
  2. Photo Based
    • Approved post that includes a photo
    • Point value: 15
  3. Video Based
    • Approved post that includes a video
    • Point value: 30

Share #GivingTuesday-specific content: 10 points

If any of the above include specific mentions of #GivingTuesday, add 10 points.