To encourage diverse students to enter law school, JTBF offers year-round programs that nurture an interest in the law for students starting at the middle-school level, intensive summer workshops for high schoolers, externship opportunities with federal judges including intensive pre-placement training, and post graduation clerkships. Through education, mentorship and outreach, JTBF supports and encourages the highest levels of educational achievement of our students. As JTBF scholars continue their education, we also provide them with resources to succeed to and through law school and beyond, including preparatory materials for the LSAT and law school admissions, advanced critical thinking exercises, and assistance in obtaining judicial externships and/or clerkship experience.

Our mission: JTBF is a multiracial, nonprofit organization comprised of lawyers, judges, and other citizens. It is dedicated to developing and nurturing interest in the law among young persons from various socioeconomic, ethnic, and cultural backgrounds underrepresented in the legal profession and to supporting their continued advancement. JTBF’s long-term goal is to increase racial diversity in the legal profession and on the bench.